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All my life I have struggled with having deep-set eyes that were not in proportion to the rest of my face and were not symmetrical.As I aged, I also had more fat deposits under my lower lids. Dr. Putterman performed a removal of my upper eye lid skin folds and lower eye lid bags.The consultation was gentle as he helped guide me with the decision making process. I appreciated how Dr.Putterman found a balance with considering what I wanted done ideally and what he understood to be a natural looking result. His office staff was very helpful in setting up the dates and organizing details of surgery and his nurses were kind and helped me feel at ease the day of the procedure. My recovery was seamless but the few times I worried about something, Dr. Putterman was responsive to my phone calls got right back to me. I appreciated his gentle reassuring approach and I have to say this was one of the easiest procedures I ever had.


I feel Dr Putterman is THE expert in his field.I have Thyroid Eye Disease and what he was able to do for me was amazing!He is always punctual and thoroughly explains everything.His follow-up calls after surgery were very much appreciated. His assistant and staff are warm and caring people. They make the whole process seamless.And their follow-up calls were very much appreciate, as well. It’s really cool to have a professional family who makes you feel like you are their only patient.

Thanks to you all!

Denny & Kimberly

Dr. Putterman is very gentle, experienced, and very “patient oriented”. He even returned my calls on Sunday from his home! His staff is exceptional, and they, too, were responsive and helpful whenever I had questions or concerns. Cosmetic surgery is never an easy decision, but rest assured that when you select Dr. Putterman, you will be in the hands of one of the most experienced, reputable, and knowlegeable surgeons just about anywhere. I am very pleased with the results of my lower blepharoplasty.



I don’t know if you will remember me, but I was your patient about 1 ½ yrs. ago. I don’t even know if you will have time to read this yourself.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so nice to me and truly for the excellent job that you did on my eye. For years the looks of my eye bothered my insides as well the obvious on the outside. Thank you so much for fixing everything, as you have given me the BEST gift that anyone could have ever given me.

Always greatful.

Tina Marie Nodine

Dr. Putterman,

My heart is grateful for all your loving care.  You have been blessed by God with a talent- I have been blessed more by receiving it.  You and your staff will always hold a special place in my heart.


Regenia Harris

Dear Dr. Putterman,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work that you’ve put in over the years which has made my newly shaped eyelid possible.  From the first time I met you and your wonderful staff, to admiring your office’s beautiful view, I felt at home.  I also sincerely appreciate all the hoops that you and your staff jumped through on my behalf.  You did a great job!


Luke Jebb

Luke Jebb - 17 Years Old

Luke Jebb – 17 Years Old

Dr. Putterman

I’m enclosing a picture of our son, Luke, now 17.  Luke had intended to mail this photo along with the note he sent you.  At the time, we couldn’t find it!

So here he is…. Luke, in all his “glory”, feeling very “normal”, thankfully, and yes- confident.

I really mean it, Dr. Putterman, when I say you changed his life.  We are forever grateful to you and we do thank God for you.  We were praying for you, fervently, before and during the surgery.  We also prayed that Luke’s eye would heal in a very advantageous way.  We know all those prayers were answered!

So thank you for using your intelligence, vast years of experience, and surgical prowess to help our much-loved son.

So grateful,

Gwen Jebb

This was a big deal for me – after all, someone would be messing with my eyes and face.

I spoke with two top plastic surgeons about various procedures I was considering. (I was doing my due diligence and trying to find the right doctor for me.) When it came to upper lid blepharoplasty with ptosis correction both doctors immediately referred me to Dr. Putterman. They considered him to be the best in the Chicago area. I also consulted with Dr. Packo the top retina specialist in the area. Although a retina specialist, I valued his opinion since 20 years ago he saved my eyesight with what was then an experimental operation. I mentioned Dr. Putterman’s name and a broad grin came to his face as he told me he studied under Dr. Putterman. Dr. Putterman was the best.

So, there you have it – three of the top surgeons in Chicago all told me to see Dr. Putterman – and I did – twice. Both times he was incredibly patience, gracious, understanding and exact in his explanation. Being an engineer I wanted to know how the procedure was to be done. He patiently and thoroughly explained it in detail using diagrams and pictures from the books he had written. I sensed he did this to reduce my anxiety as he could have just referred me to a web-video.   He probably had given this explanation hundreds of times in various lectures to which he had been invited to speak and with numerous patients like me, but he took the time to do it with me patiently answering my questions. I also learned in my internet travels that Dr. Putterman invented a very clever instrument that allowed for the precise alignment of the eye lid muscle (an extremely important element of correcting ptosis) – and that instrument bears his name as well as the surgical procedure he developed.

So, there you have it. Dr. Putterman: (1) was recommended by some of the best in the business; (2) invented a revolutionary surgical procedure and the instrument to go along with it; (3) wrote several books and lectures widely; (4) has a gentle, low-keyed personality; and (5) is a Zumba instructor to boot!

Dr. Putterman’s staff was great. Vicki provided me with pictures of the others who had a similar procedure as me; told me what to do before surgery and what to expect afterwards; arranged for after-surgery nursing care; scheduled the appointments flawlessly and provided humor and support.

Anyone who is considering this type of surgery needs to understand that it is a partnership between the doctor and you. For me, the doctor’s skill and experience was what was most important and everything else was a welcomed bonus. I believe I picked the best. My part of the partnership was to follow his and his staff’s instructions, have realistic expectations and be patient during recovery.

I agreed to the upper lid blepharoplasty with ptosis correction and added a cheek mid face lift. I am two weeks into the recovering and loving the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Putterman and his staff.