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General Questions

You should consider a consultation if you are bothered by extra skin in your upper or lower lids, lower lid circles or hollowed areas, or bags under your eyes. Also, if you have difficulty keeping your eyelids open, or if your upper and reading vision is blocked by your eyelids, eyelid surgery may be for you.
Because Dr. Putterman limits his practice to surgery of ONLY the eyelids, orbital and facial areas, he performs these procedures often and on a regular basis. This has given him a tremendous amount of experience, as opposed to other physicians who may do only an occasional procedure in these areas.
A consultation appointment takes approximately an hour, and if cosmetic, is $295.00. If your visit is for a medical reason, we will bill your insurance for the consultation and any additional testing that may be performed.
There is valet parking available at the Garland Building, and the price is $18 for the first 2 hours.


Blepharoplasty usually refers to the removal of excessive skin and fat in the upper or lower eyelids.
Ptosis surgery corrects drooped upper eyelids. This allows the patients to open their eyelids to a level where the eyelids are not blocking their vision.


Most blepharoplasties are cosmetic in nature and therefore not billable to insurance. In many cases, however, ptosis surgery is a medically necessary procedure. After your consultation, Dr. Putterman will be able to determine what procedures, if any, might be considered medically necessary.