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Oculofacial, Orbital and Lacrimal Surgery- A Compendium

Dr. Allen Putterman and his previous fellow, Dr. Rakesh Patel, published two chapters in a new textbook, Oculofacial, Orbital and Lacrimal Surgery, A Compendium.  One chapter was on complications of upper eyelid ptosis (drooped upper eyelids) and their solutions.  The second chapter was on Dr. Putterman’s technique to treat baggy lower eyelids through an external approach.  This allows removal or repositioning of lower eyelid fat with the ability to remove lower lid excessive skin, and to minimize cheek bags.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Chapter

Dr. Putterman’s previous Oculofacial plastic surgery fellow, Dr. Michael Burnstine, has published, with 3 associates, a comprehensive textbook on drooped upper eyelids.

Dr. Putterman contributed a chapter and surgical video on his Muller’s muscle-conjunctival resection ptosis procedure.  He also wrote the forward for the book where he acknowledged Michael Burnstine.


ASOPRS 50th Anniversary Meeting

Dr. Allen Putterman gave an honorary lecture at the 50th Anniversary meeting of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery meeting October 10th in San Francisco.  He presented the development of this society and Fond Memories of it’s first 25 years.  He also was given the Dortzbach Award for his accomplishments in the field of oculofacial plastic surgery.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery Chapter

Dr. Putterman published a chapter on Internal Eyelid Fat Resection and/or Repositioning in a new book Operative Techniques in Facial Aesthetic Surgery.  He described his techniques for treatment of lower eyelid “bags” and “circles”.

The Roll Model Technique

Dr. Putterman did a workshop in The Roll Model Technique to treat myofascial body issues. This uses various sized rubber balls applied in 9 different ways to areas of the body in which there is pain and immobility. He will add this to the Saturday Nia exercise classes he team teaches with his wife in Chesterton, Indiana.

ASOPRS Dortzbach Award Recipient


Dr. Allen Putterman was honored at the Spring meeting of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Bahamas on May 31st, 2019. He received the Dortzbach Award which is given for significant contribution to the field of oculoplastic surgery through outstanding teaching, academic, scientific, and scholarly achievement, and for dedication throughout his profession.